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by composites posted Jul 16, 2016


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A foilboard made of carbon fiber composites

deBotech 사는 Divinycell 복합재를 사용하여 “X Air Black board”를 만들었다. 한스 디봇에 의해 설립된 deBotech사는 지난 이십년 동안 초고사양의 고성능 복합재료 제품을 만들어 왔는데 여기에는 2010년 올림픽 봅슬레이 금메달, 2014년 봅슬레이 및 스켈레톤 금메달 제품 등이 포함된다. 이번 호일보드를 제작하기 위하여 deBotech 사는 Diab 사의 Divinycell H80 폼코어를 선택하였고 이를 통하여 탁월한 부력과 우수한 비강도 및 제작과정에서 발생할 수 있는 과열에 대한 내열성까지 확보할 수 있었다. 최종 제작된 “X Air board”는 무게가 겨우 6.47파운드로서 사용된 Divinycell core 덕택에 더 높은 점프가 가능하게 되었다.


[image] http://www.netcomposites.com/news/2016/july/05/extreme-to-the-core/

deBotech manufactures the X Air "Black" board using Divinycell composite.

Using a hydrofoil that extends under the surface, these surfboards let riders fly out of the water when towed by a powerboat or kite.

Using carbon fiber
Founded by Hans deBot, deBotech, Inc. of North Carolina is an American manufacturer of high-end performance and specialty composite products. For over two decades, deBotech has engineered solutions for many industries known for testing the limits of carbon fiber products, ranging from auto racing and water sports to aviation and aerospace. With a record that includes the 2010 gold medal-winning Olympic bobsled, 2014 Sochi Olympic medal winning bobsleds and skeletons, components in Americas Cup sailing along with multiple championships with his local Nascar Teams. deBotech was the supplier for Georgia-based X Air when they were looking for a carbon fiber specialist to design and produce a cutting-edge foilboard, the X Air "Black."

Composites that lift user up
To meet the performance needs of foilboarding, deBotech's design needed to consider both the stiffness and weight of the board. While a solid laminate would have provided the required thickness, it would have been far too heavy to generate lift. Use of sandwich composites offered the perfect solution for these technical constraints.

Known for dependability and a quality product, Diab was deBotech's first choice to supply the foam core for this unique project. Diab recommended Divinycell H80 for its supreme buoyancy and high strength-to-weight ratio, as well as its ability to withstand the excessive heat used in deBotech's precise manufacturing process. Weighing in at a mere 6.47 lbs, the finished X Air board is guaranteed to fly out of the water thanks to its Divinycell core.

Fast to build, fast to ride
Taking advantage of Diab's kitting services has allowed deBotech to ensure consistent quality while simultaneously cutting manufacturing time. Diab provided 44mm sheets of Divinycell H80 pre-cut and shaped to the design specifications. With a pre-machined foam core, deBotech also saved on labor and material costs and minimized material stocks and waste.

Foiling the pros
In addition to being lightweight, Divinycell H80 can withstand repeated slamming and impact loads, and the strength of the material makes for a rigid board to provide the responsiveness that professionals demand. Extensive testing by pro riders to stress and damage the X Air "black" have been fruitless.

Source: http://www.jeccomposites.com/news/composites-news/foilboard-made-carbon-fiber-composites


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